More About Me

Success is a History Not a Promise

There is a lot to do to get your property sold. I have developed a checklist based on my experience over the last 39+ years that begins at the start of your listing to the close of escrow. Most Agents try to act as a one-man-show, attempting to do all of these tasks on their own. They are afraid of committing to a staff of professionals to help them because the commitment is too costly. They end up spending more time and energy on "busy-work" instead of providing you with the high-quality service you deserve. My commitment to you is that I will spend my time marketing your property to get you the highest dollar I possibly can. I urge you to put my numbers up against any agent and compare them for yourself. Or, you can call my office, speak to the manager, and hear it directly from him! Each member of my staff/team has a unique set of responsibilities, which frees me from doing the daily paperwork and enables me to provide you with high-quality service. I spend my time talking with agents and marketing my listings and finding new ways every day to expose your property to potential buyers. Together, our combined efforts add up to SIMPLY THE BEST marketing and client service plan available, which results in your property being sold in the shortest amount of time AND for the highest dollar possible.